Top 6 Ways to Make Money Online | Without Investment | Students | College| 2019

Top 6 Ways to Make Money Online | Without Investment | Students | College| 2019

Image result for Make Money Online | Without Investment | Students | College| 2019As you know, highly paid positions are very rarely and reluctant to take students, since young people do not have a higher education. Young people, in turn, want to earn money, because it is difficult to live on one scholarship

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular among students to earn money through the Internet, as well as using non-standard methods, where your income far exceeds the effort. This will be discussed below.

Method 1. Earnings on writing essays, term papers, informational articles

You can find clients for your intellectual product on freelance exchanges (for example, or with the help of special services. You can not only earn from 50 to 150 rubles per printed page, but also expand your own horizons.

Also, many students successfully work as copywriters - they write unique informational or selling texts.

Copywriting is a separate type of activity, which is sometimes even distinguished into a separate profession, bringing a tangible income. It includes rewriting, advertising copywriting and SEO copywriting. These are three levels of writing texts.

Rewriting is the easiest way to write text. It is the simplest processing of the source text by replacing words with synonyms, rephrasing and rearranging sentences.

Simply put, rewriting is writing a presentation like a school. Not only a student, but even a high school student will quite easily cope with such work. However, rewriting is valued low, its price ranges from 10 to 60 rubles per 1000 characters.

Copywriting - writing text from scratch. Examples of this copywriting can be considered a report of the scientist on the latest discovery or works of fiction. That is, it is important that the text be unique not only in structure, but also in meaning, therefore, in this area, those students who already have the “baggage” of knowledge in any field should work.

You can earn much more on copywriting than on rewriting. For good copywriting, written by an experienced author, customers can offer up to 300 rubles per 1000 characters.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult (and valuable) types of copywriting, but beginners are not recommended to immediately grab expensive orders. SEO text is a text optimized for popular searches of search engines. In this case, the purpose of this article is to promote the site. Prices for SEO articles are quite high: some site owners are willing to pay experienced SEO copywriters up to 500 rubles ($ 8) per 1000 characters.

Method 2. Consultations and video tutorials

If you are an expert in a particular field, then you can earn money by giving paid consultations. Well-known experts in narrow circles can receive up to $ 100 for an hour-long conversation via Skype, and a personal meeting costs several times more. Students earn (on average) about $ 30- $ 40 per hour of consultation.

You can also create a YouTube channel and make money from it. Even a child can cope with filling it with copyright video tutorials. Later, when the channel becomes popular, you can start making money by displaying ads during the video.

Method 3. Writing computer programs

Students "techies" can perfectly practice in computer science, earning writing under the order of computer programs of different levels of complexity. As in the case of articles, customers can be found on freelance exchanges. Now programmers are very actively making money on developing applications for mobile devices. This is a hotel growing and promising market.

Even novice programmers are able to work with customers directly and receive more than $ 700 per month, taking into account part-time employment in large cities.

By the way, many teachers sympathize with students who have started practicing programming since they were at college. Particularly successful students may even receive automatic "credits" by regularly demonstrating their achievements.

Method 4. Earnings on social networks and affiliate programs

You can register in various affiliate programs and receive money from them.

For this, a student must have his own active community in any social network with at least 15.000 - 20.000 subscribers (or his own website). At this stage, it is already possible to negotiate with the owners of other large groups either about the mutual exchange of links, or about the paid placement of the partner’s links on your resource.

By promoting products, services and events of various companies on VKontakte, classmates and Instagram, you can earn from 50,000 rubles directly from home.

But where to learn it? - you ask.

For this, I, for my part, recommend the FREE course of 7 video lessons by Dmitry Chevychalov “Internet marketing profession”.

This young man himself built a remote business, which brings him income and in 2 years visited 32 countries.

Now Dmitry travels and trains those who want to make money on the Internet.
This course helped me personally to start a new business on the Web besides the site

So, guys, do not waste time learning Internet marketing, as the future lies with it. You will never starve and will be able to work from anywhere in the world, to travel and develop.

When you learn new things, you will no longer be a student who works as a loader or waiter, but become the owner of an elite and well-paid profession of the 21st century.

Usually, payment is made during the display of a message with a link and depends on the number of subscribers in one and in another community. Therefore, you can earn a lot on affiliate programs - from $ 1 to $ 100 per day - tested by personal experience!

Method 5. Own website or blog

Do you have the talent to win the attention of the public? In this case, you can easily create your own website or blog and make money on it. At the same time, it is necessary to clearly define your target audience and choose a subject that will be interesting to it.

Of course, creating a website only makes sense if you are already thoroughly knowledgeable in the field of SEO and promotion of Internet resources. Otherwise, the chances to earn on it will be extremely small.

In addition, this method of earning is not without investment. You will need to purchase a domain (“name” of the site) and regularly pay for the hosting on which it will be hosted. If you yourself are not able to write quality articles, then you have to resort to paid services of copywriters.

For example, the site, where you are currently reading this article, brings 200,000 rubles a month for advertising. Read more about this method of earning online for students, read our article "How to make money on your website."

Fortunately, now you do not need to know the programming language to create a simple blog.

Modern CMS (content management systems) greatly facilitate the work of webmasters. He can only write (or buy) content (articles, photos and videos) and post it on the blog pages. Of course, the easiest way to get used to this area will be students of information technology faculties, but if you have the desire and talent, the humanities can cope with the creation of the site.

You can already attach contextual advertising to a fairly popular website (about 200 visits per day) - it will be the main source of income. You can also place banners or affiliate links in the text and also get good money for them.

Any entrepreneurial student can earn. The main thing is to find your niche and firmly establish yourself in it. I will not say that the profits will flow into my own hands, no. It’s just that experience will come with stuffed cones, and with it a steady income.

Method 6. Online Business

Starting a business online is best if you already have entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of information technology.

Types of online business for a student:
  1. Infobusiness. Selling their training courses (books, trainings, videos);
  2. Freelance. This performance of paid tasks. Particularly in demand among freelancers are designers, programmers, and other professionals whose work is related to website creation and marketing on the Internet. You can start earning on the sites and It is on these sites that you will find the widest audience of customers;
  3. Profitable informational site. I have already discussed this type of online business above; here I simply included it in the list of possible business types on the Internet for students;
  4. Online store. Sales through the world wide web are now growing by leaps and bounds. Having created your online store, you will be able to do business without geo-referencing to a place, as well as with minimal expenses.