How To Make Money Online With Talent Market

How To Make Money Online With Talent Market

I studied over 1000 hours on how to make money from the internet at home and tested it myself. I have also touched a lot of tricks hidden in the world, I have also come across a multilevel, I have studied, studied, and tested all the ways to earn enough money to make a living. It is still in progress now.

If you are looking for illegal ways to claim gambling, multi-level, referrals, and initial activation fees here, please click the exit button now. I will not mention about such a method. All of these methods are not long-term, and most of the time, they only get worse when they lose several million won or tens of thousands of won. The advice I can give you is that you do not even start like a cigarette.

But! If this is the case, this article is for you.

I'm a college student.

  • I want to make money while working without regard to time.
  • I have to work, I have to make money, I really wonder how to make money.
  • I would like to earn some money for the remaining time.

I did not go to college, and I did not have much experience.

  • But if you can earn money, you can really work hard!

I am a housewife who lives.

  • I need more money because I do not have enough money.
  • I need to make some extra income because of the money for the children's private education.

I wonder what this is!

  • I'm curious how to make money on the Internet legally and securely!
  • I am curious about how to make money with a blog!
  • I wonder what other items besides the blog!
  • I wonder if there is a way to make money without the initial cost!
  • I wonder how easy it is to make money!
  • I wonder how much I can earn!
  • I want to know the principle of how to make it!
  • I am curious about how to make a site of a monkey on the Internet!
  • I want to start a business on the internet but I do not know how to get started!

I really want to do this!

  • I want to make an income source that comes in automatically without having to work!
  • I want to succeed with my own online business (= business, business)!

I have this idea!

  • I do not know if I have a good academic record or a bad spec, but I really try and live my life!

Especially for this person!

  • I do not have much now, but anyone who believes in myself that I can live my life someday if I try!
  • I want to enjoy economic independence with my own weapon and freedom to do what I want to do whenever and wherever I do not belong anywhere.

Sorry. These people are really wrong.

  • How can you make money easily? Is there any way to make money by tricking my trick? If you think that you want to roll the money wherever you roll, you are wrong.

  • I can understand how to make quick money through my article, but I do not know how to make money easily without effort. No gambling, illegal acts, illegal multi-level.

What you will learn by each method

  1. How do you make money?
  2. Realistic earning
  3. How easy is it to earn money?
  4. How soon can you earn?
  5. Are you able to make it automatically like real estate rental income (is it a money tree site?)
  6. Initial Cost and Maintenance Cost (What is the total investment cost?)
  7. Tools necessary to make a profit
  8. How to get started right away

So There Is 5 Way To Earn Money Online Lets Start

1.- Talent Market

Image result for talent market

The first thing to tell is how to make money on the Internet is a talent market. The reason I first introduced the talent market is that everyone can earn money easily and quickly, even if they have not had a lot of experience or skill in one area. It's the easiest way to make money on the Internet.

The way to make money in the talent market is very simple. All you have to do is post your talent on the Talent Market homepage. I can not do it separately. Of course, you may think you have no talent. Everyone has a talent.

I think that talent is not something that I think is excellent. In fact, talent market has been registered as a talent only to be troubled. Anything that is a little better than others, interested or passionate can be all about talent.

And it's a structure that takes 20% of the fee from the talent market. So the net profit I make is about 80% of the sales price. You may have a complaint about not taking too much?

I have to spend marketing money at first to sell it myself. So it 's easy to think that it' s just advertising cost instead. It is not a problem that the seller will pay for it even if the commission fee is dissatisfied.

It is the same situation as enlisting in the army and scolding the army. There is no change in vocabulary. It would be good for mental health not to have complaints about fees.

Rather, it can be a missed opportunity because of the "heart full of complaints".

But there is a bigger problem. Now I know a bit about the talent market, but the problem is that there is no talent to sell. But do not you have a very talented talent?

I can say for sure, but there is no one in this world who has no talent. At least one person has talent.

Even young children. There are some sellers in the talent market who actually look at the sellers to do data search in Excel or on the Internet. In addition, there are talent to listen to a worrying consultation, or to raise a cat for several days instead. Do you really sell these things? Are also selling.

For example, giving advice about a specific field or taking a picture can be a talent. It does not have to be some talent. If you look at others, your talent is right, but it is too obvious for me to see it as a talent.

I am trivial, but if you have people who need it and if you do it a little better than others, it is a talent.

Rather, I have a chance here. There are "prejudices" that many people have a long experience in a genius or a person if they write "talent" despite their talent.

So there are opportunities for people like us. People with good talent do not even try. Because of 'fear'.

Will this be a talent? Am I eligible for that? Would not it be funny to see others? What do you do when you say you put your talent on something that is nothing special? These fears. In addition, there are 'prejudices' in our minds that create a lot of fears by preventing 'attempts'.

I would like to say that the best way to awaken these fears is to have only one talent.

Anyone can raise one talent. Then I know for sure. Oh, and I was worried about them.

And every time I raise my talent in the talent market, I do not get any more money. And I do not have to make a lot of preparation and effort. I just need to introduce my talent to others now.

It's good to buy, but if you do not buy it, there's no harm at all, so if you want to make an extra income or make money online, it's worth trying.

1. Revenue earned realistically as talent market

Many people have fantasies about the world that makes money on the internet. I'll let you know how much more realistic I can earn.

In the absence of specialization, realistic monthly revenues are limited to less than 100,000 units. It is a reality that usually it does not earn tens of thousands of won. There is a limit of 100,000 won to 500,000 won to earn a lot.

If you want to make more than one million units in the talent market, you need to know your expertise in one of the areas of marketing, design, video production, advertising, and homepage production.

Especially, marketing field is the most profitable.

2. Can you make money from a money tree like a real estate rental income automatically?

It is possible to make 95% of the money automatically come in like the rental income of the real estate.

When a potential customer makes a purchase in the talent market, the seller must click the Ship button for that request, and any revenue generated must be sent to my bankbook by clicking the withdrawal application separately.

In other words, you can not make 100% automatic revenue source because of the payment process, but you can make the form of sales talent itself almost 95% more than automatic income source.

What are you saying? It means that the talent you sell is not the talent that goes hand-in-hand, but the talent that goes as far as possible.

The best way to do that is to make the type of talent you sell as 'template' as possible. It means to make a frame easily. Let's take an example.

Let's say I create a homepage that is specialized in company introduction. It does not make homepage without anything. It is to make a homepage of the homepage equipped with the design and the function suitable for the company introduction.

So if you ask me to create a homepage that is specific to your company, you can sell your talent by adding the company's articles, images, and images to the frame I made in advance.

This method can be applied to any field. For example, in case of diet, you can make a diet beforehand and sell it.

Pro Tip: It is highly probable that you have to narrow down your field as much as possible to make money by making precise frames. For example, instead of 'diet diet', 'essential dairy diet only for mothers in their 40s' to sell more will increase the purchase rate.

3. How easy can you earn?

Depending on the talent you sell, you can easily make money if you are engaged in design, programming, video production, or advertising. Just sell your talent.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the above areas, it may not be easy to make money with talent. Because I have to study myself from the beginning.

In this case, there are two directions. One way is to start by selling your talent for studying, marketing, designing, advertising, homepage production, or selling without the experience or know-how.

4. You can sell your talents even if you do not have experience, you do not have academic background, and you do not have know-how!

There is a talent that can be sold without experience. For example:

1) The latter

In the latter case, it is a talent that anyone can sell. First-time companies or companies that launch new products need first-line reviews. People have a lot of purchases if there are lots of reviews.

These companies can be customers of this talent. How easy it is to do. Just write about your company's product and get paid.

Give product reviews with your blog
Review the app
Make a video review and upload it to YouTube
Review the company's product page
Give the book a review

2) Make image review cycle

Companies want to show reviews with great visuals. I also want to see customers. Video reviews can be made by anyone with just one camera. Particularly if you have a face or you think you have a body, you can make a review of related products.

3) Promote with social media

It is the best talent for anyone active on Facebook or Twitter. You may already have a lot of friends, and you may have pen pages or groups for your favorite field. And it is even better if you are actively active.

This talent is very simple. If your company wants to promote your products, it's a way to promote and earn money with social media instead.

However, it is a strange product to be aware that it should be promoted that it is good, but the social media should not have to worry about.

4) typing

Nowadays, teenagers and 20s can be said to be typing gods. It feels so natural that you can not think of it as a talent. Typing is also talent. It's not surprising that you can not hit the keyboard without seeing the keyboard at all. This is obviously talent.

Especially those who are not Internet generations are very frustrated with typing because they rarely use computers.

Those people like to type in my behalf. Also, those who do not have enough time find a substitute for typing.

Especially, if you are a fast typing person, you will be able to sell both Korean and English typing talent. And even if the typing speed is slow, typing talent will continue to increase and typing speed will continue to increase.

In the end, the speed of selling talent is accelerating, and those who have purchased the typing talent will continue to repurchase and inform the surrounding area that the profit will increase.

5) Give advice

Anyone can give advice. High school students can give advice to middle school students, and college students can give advice to middle school students.

Also, if you have passed any qualifications in the past or have passed the exam, you can give me advice on the exam or certification.

This advice is valuable because it is a living knowledge that can not be heard simply by a book or a lecture. Obviously there will be one such experience. Try it once ~

Pro Tip: How to Make Unconditional Money in the Talent Market - Identify what talent a competitor sells. Sell ​​talent of a higher quality than its talent at a lower price. - The End -

6. (Total investment cost) What is the initial cost and maintenance cost?

There is no cost to register your talent. Each time you sell talent, you have to pay a 20% commission to the talent market. It may also be costly to sell professional talent. For example, a talent that makes a video about a company might need a tool to make a video, which can be a monthly payment or a one-time purchase.

When registering talent: Cost X (no extra cost at all)

20% commission every time talent is sold

For talents who need a 'Tool' Tool Fixed cost

Promotion cost for direct promotion

No other costs

7. Essential tools to make money

Talents that do not require the experience and know-how mentioned above do not need tools. On the other hand, tools for website creation and marketing, advertising, design, and video production are required. There are so many tools that I can not list them all, and I will briefly tell you about the tools I need to create a homepage that I know best.

Tools for homepage creation

Select a domain company
Choosing a hosting company (cafe24, dots, gabies, etc.)
Homepage creation tool (WordPress, PinBook, ZeroBoard, etc.)

Talent market place, drawbacks


You can start with no rules!
If you have a professional field, you can earn high profit!
There is no limit to where you can start!
It is already in demand, so even if you do not publicize it, you can sell it!


Without expertise, high returns are hard!
The money making field is limited!
The fee is 20%.
Even if I do not work, I get 100%

8. How to get started right away

Let me tell you how to sell talent right now in the talent market. Please follow.

Access to the biggest talent market in Korea, "Kumong"
Top right screen - Free Sign-up Click
Completion of membership when entering email and password
Click on the top right menu
Click Talent Registration
Title, talent description, etc.
Talent registration completed.

And when you sign up for the Kumong Talent Market, please put 'INVFR56404' in the reference code and you will get 5,000 won for free when you sign up.
  • And 5,000 won will be added to me.

  • I made a recommendation system to promote a lot in the talent market.

  • I also sell talent here and buy other talents ^^

  • If you are worried about writing a recommendation code, do not worry about it.