PTA Mobile Verification Online Checking Method

PTA Mobile Verification Online– PTA  officially launch DIRBS  that is a device identification and device verification method if your phone is not original and if you have fake and illegal phone in Pakistan then after 20 October your phone will be blocked by PTA you must need to check before 20th October that your IMEI number is complaint with PTA.

The verification method is very simple and based on a few steps that how you can check your mobile verification online here

Method of Checking PTA Mobile Verification Online

First of all you need to check your IMEI number of your mobile phone.  for this purpose you must have to dial *#06#

when you can find your IMEI number of your mobile phone you can visit the PTA official website of DIRBS.  I will also provide you the link of this website so you can easily check that your mobile phone is complaint with PTA
submit your IMEI number in the search box and fill the captcha after that click on the check verification 
your device status is in front of you you can easily see that your device is registered or not if you are device is registered then don’t worry nothing will be happened after 20th October 

if you are device is not registered then after 20th October your phone will  may be blocked by PTA so you must have to check your device status

Check Your Phone here:

How To Check PTA Mobile Verification Online

There is also another method of verification of your phone. you can also find the status of your device by downloading the PTA official app of DIRBS. I will also provide you the download link of Device Verification System (DVS) - DIRBS Pakistan
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