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Working on night-consuming computer has often become a routine of people. Sleeping on sleeping while trying to sleep while computer starts downloading. Downloading a computer shot will be downloaded in the Beach and if you wake up, sleep loss. The computer can not even leave for the night at all because this way electricity will be unnecessarily used.
Well, there are several software downloading software for auto-shot and also auto-download option in download managers, but the software we're going to mention is included many additional and useful features.
Its main feature is to download the computer at the selected time.
More options can be viewed by clicking the Add button. It also has a counter-download timer that works like an alarm that the timer starts running and the computer runs the shot or whatever action you choose on the specified time. Apart from this, there are some interesting options such as if a laptop battery is over, if any window closes or if a particular process is finished, if the ping is stopped, computer shutdown is downloaded. Be done
Through this program you can also get remote access to your computer. Suppose your computer is on the other room and you're lying on the bed, it's not necessary to go to the computer to see what's going on on the computer. Because the computer can now be controlled by web browsers. For this, type the computer's IP-port port into your browser on your phone, for example:
Since we had created username and password, so first we need to provide this information. You will then be able to show the option
12Is available by name. Screenshot of a Desktop Here's another very useful option

   Clicking on will show you a desktop screen shot. Which you can learn about what's going on on the 

 computer right now.

Click on 13 Information on Computer
Besides that

Can be seen which procedures are going on on the computer right now. Which can be gauge to determine if the work on our computer has been completed or is still remaining.
This software can also be controlled from the command line, which has many additional options. The main task of this software is to download the computer sitting somewhere else, so it includes the option to remote control. Since it is controlled by a web browser, you can control your computer from a mobile phone or any other PC.
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